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Mark has been a supporter of organic agriculture and an avid eater of organically-raised foods for most of his adult life. He joined forces with the folks at Organic Maple Co-op in the early summer of 2010. In Organic Maple Leaf Rag he explores the meaning and importance of the word “organic,” in food and agriculture. He also looks into the small world of organic maple syrup, and the daily activities of the Co-op. Both author and Co-op are based in Cashton, Wisconsin – a village whose weight in the organic-agriculture movement is disproportionate to its size.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Why blogging ...

Since beginning with Maple Valley, I have had the idea of writing a blog — for maple syrup is interesting; and organic agriculture is, to my mind, a vital topic of the day.

I have hesitated ... for I did come across confirmation of a worrisome thought that I had been nursing, about the cost of our use of this electronic realm of the Internet.

The energy use involved in supporting the Internet seems to be steadily increasing ... and seems to be on a par with the energy use of such major transportation systems as air travel.

To blog about an issue that is, at its heart, environmental in nature, has something about it of hypocrisy.

By presenting material that will be saved in electronic memory, to be drawn up onto screens and then saved in countless temporary memories, I am helping create demand for the burning of yet more coal.

If it is a hypocrisy, it is one I share with others. I wish to acknowledge it from the outset, however.

Cheers ...

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